Bristol Bay Partnership Forms Drug And Opioid Task Force

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A partnership made up of the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Housing Authority, Bristol Bay Native Association, and Bristol Bay Native Corporation has formed the Bristol Bay Drug and Opioid Task Force to address the increasing presence of illicit drugs and drug use in Bristol Bay. The Task Force will work with health professionals, law enforcement, local community members and organizations to identify solutions and create a plan to address this ongoing issue.

The Task Force hosted an organizational meeting on Friday, February 10, 2017, in Dillingham and developed a mission and vision, as well as identified key committees and their focus areas. The vision is: Bristol Bay Communities coming together to end drug & opioid abuse. The mission is: To use a holistic approach empowering individuals, families and our communities to live a drug free, healthy lifestyle.

The following members of the Bristol Bay Partnership are leading the efforts of the Task Force: Tom Tilden of Curyung Tribal Council; Lucille Johnson of Bristol Bay Native Association; Emil Larson of Bristol Bay Area Housing Authority; Charlene Lopez of Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation; Carol Wren of Bristol Bay Native Corporation and Dr. Mitchell Horan of the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation.

The committees include Law Enforcement, Education, Health, Community Awareness, Budget, and Organizational. The committees are to outline their goals and objectives and develop a working plan that can be reviewed and incorporated to the overall plan of the task force.

The Task Force aims to be inclusive and invites community members and organizations across Bristol Bay to participate in this region-wide task force.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Carol Wren at or 907-265-7868.