Bristol Bay Native Corporation Reaches $200 Million Distributed In Shareholder Dividends

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Bristol Bay Native Corporation reached a significant milestone by issuing its 200 millionth dollar to it’s over 10,000 shareholders through shareholder dividends on Friday, March 3, 2017. BBNC made its first shareholder dividend payment at 25 cents per share in 1979 and reached $100 million paid in shareholder dividends in September 2011.

“One of BBNC’s long-term goals is to pay predictable and increasing dividends to our shareholders,” said BBNC Board Chairman Joseph Chythlook. “With a great board and management team, and the hard work of BBNC and its subsidiary employees throughout Alaska and around the world, it’s a goal we’ve been able to achieve year after year.”

To celebrate this milestone, BBNC board members presented two of its eldest shareholders, Matrona Javier, 95, of Dillingham, and Alice Downey, 95, of Seattle, with commemorative checks and a celebratory lunch.