Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) would like to thank the below founding board members and incorporators for the fundamental leadership they provided that set the foundation for BBNC to prosper 50 years ago. They played an integral role in establishing the corporation that would become one of Alaska’s top businesses and instilled the values in BBNC that we continue to honor today and will hold ourselves to long into the future. We appreciate the essential work that they did to establish such a wonderful corporation that is dedicated to enriching our Native way of life.

Bristol Bay Native Corporation Founding Board Members and Incorporators:

Alex Wassillie

Allen Aspelund Sr.

The Late Andrew Abyo

The Late Arthur Skonberg

Bernice Heyano

The Late Billy Trefon

Blunka Wassilliey

The Late Bobby Andrew

Cecelia Angasan

The Late Charles Groat

The Late Christopher Sharp

Donald F. Nielsen

The Late Dorothy Anderson (Millett)

Dorothy M. Larson

Fred T. Angasan Sr.

The Late George Ilutsik

The Late H. Harvey Samuelsen

The Late H. Noble Dick

Helen Edenshaw

The Late Henry Alakayak

The Late Herman Schroeder Sr.

Jack Aleck

The Late James Brandon

Jeff Moxie

The Late John Christensen Sr.

The late John E. Apokedak

The Late John J. Knutsen

Joseph Kalmakoff

The Late Joseph L. Clark

The Late Julius Andersen

Lila Tubbs

The Late Lona Schroeder

Mark Johnson

The Late Marvin Yagie

Meg Schroeder

The Late Mike Kawaglia

Mike Toyukak

Nels Anderson Jr.

The Late Nick D. Gregory

The Late Phillip Akelkok Sr.

The late Riley Thomas

Robert Clark

Robert Heyano

Ronald Aaberg

Steve Nowatak

Timothy Wonhola

Vivian (VI) Braswell

Wilbur Bavilla

William P. Johnson