Bristol Bay Cultural Heritage & Bristol Bay Place Names

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BBNC Education Foundation (BBNCEF) announces the availability of a new grant program that will fund projects related to Bristol Bay Cultural Heritage and Bristol Bay Native Place Names. One of BBNCEF’s goals is to promote and preserve cultural heritage. This grant program will support the study and preservation of our culture.

What are the program funding areas?

Bristol Bay Cultural Heritage

This grant funding area is intended to support efforts which foster the study and preservation of our culture; work to preserve our languages and customs; teach BBNC shareholders and descendants about the history of the Native People of Bristol Bay and traditions; and celebrate and support the rich cultural heritage of Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay Native Place Names

This grant funding area is intended to support efforts to identify, preserve and publicize the historical Native place names of the Bristol Bay region.

The Process

Step 1. Design a project that promotes, preserves, or celebrates Bristol Bay Native cultural heritage or Bristol Bay Native place names.

This is a mini-grant program where grant awards will range between $1,000 to $5,000. Eligible organizations are non-profits including Bristol Bay tribes and traditional councils, schools and other non-profits that provide direct services to Bristol Bay shareholders. All projects should have an educational component.

Step 2. Apply for funding by February 3, 2017

Describe your project and detail your budget. Read the grant program guidelines for specific details. Follow the guidelines to help you prepare a complete application. All applications must be received by 5 p.m. on February 3, 2017. We anticipate funding decisions to be made in March-April, 2017.

Step 3. Complete the work within 12 months

Conduct your project, being sure to document your work with photos, videos or other shareable media. Keep track of your activities and expenditures – you’ll need them for your final reports.

Step 4. Report and Share by March 15, 2018

Submit your final project and expenditure reports and share your completed project to help others learn from your work.

Download a pdf of the process here

Download the Bristol Bay Cultural Heritage Grant Program Guidelines and Application here

Download the Bristol Bay Native Place Names Grant Program Guidelines and Application here

Get more details and learn how to apply by calling the BBNC Education Foundation at (907) 278-3602 or (800) 426-3602 or email your questions to

Additional Resources

BBNCEF Cultural Heritage and Place Names Grant Program FAQ

Please check back for the FAQ. We will be updating as we receive questions.

Federal Register – Listing of Native Entities within the State of Alaska

Other Organizations

Many organizations provide various types of resources for art and culture. Examples include the Alaska State Council on the Arts, The CIRI Foundation (see their webpage for a list of resources), and many others. If you know of a resource you’d like listed, please let us know.