GMT Training for Shareholders Held in King Salmon

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Months ago, when BBNC’s Shareholder Development Manager Carol Wren put her head together with members of the Shareholder Development team at BBNC and its industrial service companies to devise a plan for a General Maintenance Technician training, they had a distinct goal in mind. “We’re not training just to train,” she said. “We’re training to put people to work.”

This mantra guided the team as they laid out plans for the General Maintenance Technician (GMT) training at SAVEC in King Salmon in March—a program that affords BBNC shareholders a unique opportunity to get hands-on training that positions them for jobs on the North Slope.

The oil and gas industry is notoriously competitive and can be difficult to break into. By arming shareholders with the certifications and hard skills they’ll need to get into the field, BBNC and our partners Bristol Bay Industrial, Peak Oilfield Service Co., and CCI Industrial Services created a stream of uniquely qualified, marketable,and hirable candidates.

Housing, food, and, in some cases, travel scholarships, were provided as students stayed on-site for the three weeks of training. Ken Millard is a BBNC shareholder and former GMT training participant who works for CCI Industrial and was an instructor during the March training that took place. “The training is set up to give people an idea of what it’s really like. Jobs on the Slope are usually two weeks on/two weeks off, so you’re away from your family and community for extended periods of time,” Ken said. “Some of the more technical stuff can be challenging. Most people really learn by doing.”

By recreating similar living conditions and work environments found on the Slope, the training galvanizes a new crop of students who are ready to get to work. By any measurement, the training was a resounding success. As of this writing, 17 of the 22 participants have been offered jobs with one of the three participating partner companies, leaving everyone involved feeling very optimistic about the future. At its conclusion, students and instructors sung the praises of the training for its ability to empower participants to find employment, and provide for their families.

BBNC is proud of the work done by the students, instructors, and organizers involved in this program and will work hard to continue to provide these types of opportunities as we focus on the needs of our shareholders in the days,weeks, and years to come.