BP Recognizes Nick Gremley

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Lifting Engineer Nick Gremley from CCI Industrial Services and Kakivik Asset Management was recognized by BP as a significant creator and contributor for conception, design, construction, and implementation of the GHX-60 Line Saddle Roller.

The GHX-60 reduces risk, cost, and production impacts during inspection of lines by developing a method for removing saddles. The roller removes the saddle safely and reduces the risks of a hazardous operation.

The engineered solution completely eliminates the need for a crane allowing the ice roads to be replaced by tundra vehicles without the risk of crane failure and the pressure of the lines themselves does not have to be brought down to account for the risk of dropped objects.

The GHX-60 Saddle Roller is a finalist for BP Worldwide’s highest category of award, the Helios Award.

On behalf of BBI, CCI, Kakivik, and BP, great job Nick! Your commitment to innovation and excellence is an example for everyone.