BBNC: Pebble is Still the Wrong Mine in the Wrong Place

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BBNC Board reiterates opposition to the Pebble Mine after meeting with the leadership of the Pebble Limited Partnership

While remaining steadfastly opposed to the proposed Pebble mine, Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) has maintained an open dialogue with the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP). That dialogue continued this week as BBNC’s Board of Directors met with PLP’s leadership during BBNC’s quarterly meetings and listened to a presentation from PLP’s CEO Tom Collier regarding the company’s current mine plan and its potential risks and benefits.

BBNC Chairman Joseph Chythlook made the following statement to shareholders after this morning’s meeting:

“This morning, our Board learned nothing new from Tom Collier’s presentation. We reiterate Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s opposition to the project. In 2009, the BBNC Board of Directors responded to the opinions of the majority of BBNC’s 10,000-plus shareholders and adopted a resolution opposing the Pebble project. Today’s presentation from PLP did not sway that opposition and we continue to stand firm against Pebble.”

“Pebble Mine is, and always will be, the wrong mine in the wrong place. The proposed large, open-pit mine built at the headwaters of our cherished fisheries is a non-starter for our Board, the vast majority of our shareholders, and the people of the Bristol Bay region who heavily rely on salmon. BBNC supports responsible resource development, but we will never trade salmon for gold, and we will not wager our fisheries against an unproven and inherently risky mining project.”