BBNC Celebrates Alaska Wild Salmon Day

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To celebrate Alaska Wild Salmon Day this year, BBNC shared salmon with our neighbors in need.

BBNC purchased 300 pounds of sockeye salmon from Tulch’ina Fisheries, a BBNC Shareholder-Owned Business, to donate to the Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center and Bean’s Café. A volunteer crew of BBNC staff are helping on Alaska Wild Salmon Day at the Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center to prepare and serve the salmon during lunch.

BBNC also donated $4,000 to support the United Way of Anchorage Restaurant and Hunger Relief Program. The program helps employ Anchorage restaurant workers and provides meals to low-income, food insecure families, children, youth, and seniors. The donation allowed Peppercini’s, Burrito King, Tent City Taphouse, Pizza Man, and Subway to serve salmon to seven nonprofits including the Covenant House Rites of Passage Program, Kids’ Corps, Inc., Boys and Girls Clubs Alaska, and several RurAL Cap programs.

Together, we celebrate the importance of salmon to our cultures, our people, and to Alaska’s economy.