BBI Employee Spotlight: A Letter From Jordan Fischer

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I’ve been working for Peak, a subsidiary company of BBNC under Bristol Bay Industrial, at Nikiski’s Tesoro Terminal since 2016. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with BBI’s Shareholder Development Specialist, Kayla Robson, in setting solid career goals and creating an Employment Development Plan. With her help and the support of BBNC’s Workforce Development team, the Education Foundation, their awarded grants, and Peak’s management team, I have been able to achieve several of my career goals. The way BBNC encourages continued education, is an advocate for growth, and provides professional opportunities and real career advancements hugely impresses me, and my gratefulness for it is an understatement.

In 2017, I have accomplished the following career goals from my development plan: completed NCCCO’s crane prep course, passed the core exams, and also executed the mobile and rough terrain as well as fixed cab and crane exams. I will receive my Crane Operator certificate through this training. Currently, I’m also continuing on to obtain my certificate as an advanced Rigger II through NCCCO, with the same mentioned support. At this point in my career with Peak, I have been able to utilize my skills as a Scaffold Builder Lead, Rigger, Equipment Operator, and Pipefitter. What this work experience is providing has already changed my life, and goes beyond what I ever imagined for myself within this company. There’s only growth from here on!

As I am self-driven, a hard worker, and the provider for my family, I have set my standards high. It is my goal to become a manager, hopefully within Peak or another BBNC subsidiary. I am confident that with the continued support of BBI’s shareholder development specialist, Peak, and that of BBNC, I will only continue to grow and become more successful.

Thank you,

Jordan Fischer