2022 Annual Meeting Newsletter: A Message From Jason Metrokin

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On behalf of our entire board and staff, I would like to thank everyone who participated in BBNC’s annual meeting process, whether in person or by proxy. I enjoyed discussing BBNC’s goals and future plans, visiting with friends, honoring BBNC’s shareholders of the year, and celebrating BBNC’s 50th anniversary.

Congratulations to incumbents Marie Paul., H. Robin Samuelsen Jr., and L. Tiel Smith, and new director Michelle Ravenmoon, who were elected to serve three-year terms on the board of directors, ending in 2025. Additionally, we would like to thank Diedre Hill for her five years of service on the BBNC board. Her experience and stewardship has helped BBNC grow into the successful corporation that it is today, dedicated to enriching our Native way of life.

We would also like to congratulate the 2022 Shareholders of the Year! Willie Wassillie, Elder of the Year; Thomas Tilden, Citizen of the Year; Makena Thompson, Student of the Year; and Forget Me Knots owned by Marie Tinker, Small Business of the Year. We are proud of these shareholders and thank them for the valuable contributions they’ve made and the inspiration they provide to the Bristol Bay region and beyond. Read more about them in the following pages.

Lastly, we celebrated BBNC’s 50th year anniversary by honoring our founding members and employees and highlighting our key milestones. We are pleased to celebrate 50 years of improving the quality of life of our people through economic development while protecting our land and resources and preserving our culture and heritage.

The annual meeting was available to watch via webcast, or listen to by streaming audio, or by phone. More than 350 shareholders logged in to watch and/or listen to the meeting from around Alaska all the way to Finland. Thank you for being an involved member of BBNC.

We hope everyone enjoyed the meeting and we appreciate your active participation with Bristol Bay Native Corporation.

Jason Metrokin
President & CEO