Army Wellness Centers Provide Lifelong Health Advice

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STS Solutions and Training (SST) is providing more than 130 health educators and health promotion technicians for more than 30 Army Wellness Centers (AWC) in CONUS, Europe, and Asia with lifelong health advice. The main focus of the AWCs is to enhance health and endurance, reduce injuries, instill a culture of healthy living, and improve the resiliency of the active duty soldier. The AWCs also provide the same services to the entire military family.

The following excerpt is from an article for retiring military and civilians by Danica Unger, one of our Health Educators at Ft. Carson, CO:

Retirement is just around the corner, and you’ve saved up a nest egg and decided where you will live after retirement. What about your health? As adults age, they may lose lean mass, muscular strength and mo bility due to diet, lack of exercise, disease and other factors. Lean muscle mass can be maintained by resistance training and is one of the keys to healthy living as you age.

Probably the single most important benefit from resistance training in older adults is the ability to remain mobile. Mobility depends on balance, strength, and overall lean muscle mass. When mobility is compromised the risk of falls and even death increases. The image below compares the difference in muscle loss and intramuscular fat mass (the lighter, outer areas in the photos) is a cross section of quadriceps as a person ages.