Annual Report & Proxy Materials: What Will You Receive?

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BBNC will be mailing an annual meeting packet to every voting shareholder over 18. Here’s what you can look for in August:

1. Annual Report: This report details the financial activities of the corporation for the 2019 fiscal year, ended March 31, 2019.

2. Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement: This is an official announcement of the 2019 BBNC Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which explains the purpose of the meeting. The proxy statement explains the issues that are expected to come before the shareholders at the annual meeting and instructions for completing and returning your signed proxy or an online proxy prior to the annual meeting.

3. BBNC Proxy: When a shareholder votes and signs the proxy, he or she has two options, Discretionary or Directed voting. The proxy grants the proxy holder the authority to vote on matters that may properly come before the annual meeting in your absence.

4. Return Envelope: The postage-paid envelope to be used to return your proxy.