Alaskans, Consider a Gift through Pick.Click.Give

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We encourage you to consider a gift to benefit Bristol Bay! The time is approaching for Alaskans to apply for their Permanent Fund dividends and decide if they want to direct any of that money to one of the 600+ charities that receive support through Pick.Click.Give. Last year, Alaskans gave more than $2.7M to support nonprofits in Alaska through this program. Extraordinarily, this amount reflects program participation from only 5% of Alaskans who file for their PFD. Now is an exciting time for our region to increase that percentage.

Four nonprofits in the Bristol Bay region participate in the program, and as of Pick.Click.Give.’s initial report in April 2017, more than $5,800 in contributions came to these nonprofits through Pick.Click.Give.

The nonprofits in our region that take part in the program are Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust, Bristol Bay Science and Research Institute, Safe and Fear Free Environment, and the Togiak Public Library. Please consider a gift this year to support these nonprofit organizations.