BBNC Thanks Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan for Opposing Pebble Mine

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October 19, 2020

Daniel Cheyette, Vice President, Lands & Natural Resources
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BBNC Thanks Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan for Opposing Pebble Mine

Anchorage, AK – Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan have both expressed their strong opposition to the proposed Pebble mine in recent weeks, declaring it the “wrong mine in the wrong place.” BBNC applauds Senators Murkowski and Sullivan for their leadership, for following the science and agreeing with a majority of Alaskans and BBNC shareholders that Pebble mine and Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery cannot coexist.

The below statement is from Jason Metrokin, President and CEO of Bristol Bay Native Corporation:

“BBNC thanks Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan for opposing the proposed Pebble mine and agreeing it should not be permitted. Their opposition is based on a commitment to follow the facts, science, and the strong preference of their constituents.

“BBNC has long-opposed Pebble because the science is clear on the mine’s potential impacts – it would pose a significant risk to our region’s world class fisheries and our shareholders’ economic livelihoods and subsistence way-of-life. By stopping this ill-conceived mine, we defend 14,000 sustainable commercial fishing jobs, protect subsistence, and preserve the world’s most prolific wild sockeye salmon runs. Pebble is and always has been the wrong mine in the wrong place. We look forward to continuing to work with our Senators to protect Bristol Bay and secure its future.”

On August 24, Senator Sullivan said: “I have been clear that given the important aquatic system and world-class fishery resources at stake, Pebble, like all resource development projects in Alaska, has to pass a high bar – a bar that the Trump administration has determined Pebble has not met. I support this conclusion – based on the best available science and a rigorous, fair process – that a federal permit cannot be issued.” He later reiterated his opposition to the mine on Twitter, stating, “I oppose Pebble Mine. No Pebble Mine.”

Senator Murkowski reiterated her opposition to the Mine during her remarks at the Alaska Federation of Natives Conference on October, 15: “I’ve been clear throughout that I oppose the project. I recognize the need for new economic development in southwest Alaska. I think we all do. But I simply think that this is the wrong mine in the wrong place. The administration has said that Pebble cannot be permitted as proposed, and I agree with that. I plan to build on my appropriations language from last year to ensure that the Bristol Bay region remains protected. But while we may have stopped Pebble today, I think now is the time to start thinking about the future. We need longer term protections for the region that can also provide enduring value for Alaskans. And I’m planning on working on that in this next Congress.”


About BBNC: Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) is a responsible Alaska Native investment corporation dedicated to the mission of “Enriching Our Native Way of Life.” Established through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, BBNC works to protect the land in Bristol Bay, celebrate the legacy of its people, and enhance the lives of its shareholders.