$25,000 Donation to Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living

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Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living, or Gramma’s House, says, “Quyana!” to Bristol Bay Native Corporation for the generous donation of $25,000. The donation, along with a state grant, will increases their income toward sustainability. As they work toward that goal, they have three Medicaid waivers that provide the facility with $221.60 daily, per person. Three more are currently in process.

The Elders are doing great; all 14 leave their rooms daily and socialize, while guests visit regularly. These grants paid for a new computer, training videos, and a walk-in bathtub for residents with physical aches and pains. Gramma’s House has a beautiful home atmosphere and is delighted to announce that they will have space for one more gentleman in the near future. Please come and visit them anytime for coffee and tea.

Gramma’s House thanks BBNC and the community for their support and contributions. Without this help their beautiful facility could not continue.