2023 Shareholder of the Year Nominations

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BBNC’s 2022 Elder of the Year Willie Wassillie

BBNC is accepting nominations for BBNC’s 2023 Shareholder of the Year awards!

Please use the following criteria to nominate an Elder, citizen, student and/or shareholder-owned business that are deserving of these most prestigious honors. Nominations may be made by individuals or organizations.

BBNC Elder of the Year Award will recognize a shareholder 65 years or older who has devoted his or her life toward the betterment of Alaska Natives, promoted pride and preservation in the cultural heritage of Alaska Natives, and preserved the customs, folklore, and traditional arts of Alaska Natives.

BBNC Citizen of the Year Award will recognize a person who has demonstrated leadership, made significant contributions in the Bristol Bay region, and has shown strong commitment, competence, and sensitivity for the educational needs and cultural survival of Alaska Natives.

Marie Paul Student of the Year Award will recognize a student who has demonstrated leadership, made a significant contribution to their community, and has maintained high standards of academic achievement.

BBNC Small Business of the Year Award will recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of a shareholder-owned business who demonstrates success, innovation and commitment to their community.

Nominees may show commitment to promoting the economic and social well-being of Alaska Natives, show active political involvement in either city/village, region, or state, and/or make other contributions benefiting the overall lifestyles of the Bristol Bay people. View the list of past Shareholder of the Year Honorees here.

The nomination deadline is Friday, July 21, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Alaska time. Click here to complete the nomination form online!

For more information or any questions, contact Samantha Smith at or (800) 426-3602.