2020 Census Resumes!

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After being paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Census Bureau has resumed delivering forms to households without a physical address and will be using government-provided protective equipment.

Each response to the Census increases the amount of funding for hospitals, roads, fire departments, public services, and much more for the next 10 years. If a Native family of four is not counted, their community loses $14,000 in funding annually.

The Census is only 10 questions and takes 10 minutes to complete. Easily respond online at or by calling 1-884-330-2020!

Don’t forget these two steps when responding to maximize funding to tribal communities and programs:

  1. If you’re Native or live in a mixed Native and non-Native household, list the Native person as “Person 1” on question 5. (They do NOT have to be male or pay more than half the household expenses).
  2. List the name of your tribe or village on question 9 (not your regional or village corporation). Find the list of tribes at