2019 Internships

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BBNC and its subsidiaries hosted a total of 15 interns this summer and fall. Applications for 2020 internships will be available in February at For more information, contact Shareholder Development at (907) 278-3602 or (800) 426-3602.

Aspelund, Joseph
Kakivik Asset Management

Brandon, Christine
Alaska Directional

DeBruhl, Aaron
BBNC – Finance

Gloko, Nicole
SpecPro Technical Services

Gumlickpuk, Joshua
BBNC – Shareholder & Corporate Relations

Ishnook, Brandon
Bristol Bay Shared Services, Huntsville

LeClair, Camryn
Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Eagle Global Scientific

Merlino, Katrina
BBNC – Legal

Miller, Eveny
BBNC – Shareholder Development

Olsen, Kristen
CCI Alliance

Osborne, Yevania
BBNC – Shareholder Development

Sedlac, Connie
BBNC – Records & Information Management

Shaha, Patsy
BBNC – Legal

Shangin, Halie
Bristol Industries

Sorensen, Chenita
BBNC – Communications