2018 Annual Meeting Prize Winners

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Thank you to everyone who participated in BBNC’s 2018 Annual Meeting, whether in person or by proxy!

BBNC Shareholders who submitted their proxy by September 12 were eligible for the early bird prizes and shareholders who voted their proxy online by October 3 were eligible for the online voting prizes. Shareholders who submitted their proxy before the October 3 deadline or voted in person at the annual meeting were eligible for annual meeting prizes. Shareholders who watched or listened to the annual meeting webcast were eligible for webcast viewing prizes.

Early Bird Prize Winners
Lyric R D A Bartman
Diane K Wetter
Renee Kosbruk
Natalia Wassilliey
Charlene S Parazoo
Marvin Ludwick Williams Jr.
Kacelyn J Carlos
Lars Roy Skonberg
Craig W S Walcott
Ernest Dean Carlson
Christopher J Larson
Lennox J Tugatuk
Mary Yukluk
Online Voting Prize Winners
Ellie E A Foster
Liana M Evon
Donald W MacPherson
Suzanne Lovell
Adele A Townsend
Jessie R Wilson
Cheyenne S Roehl
Donnie Ray Mincher Jr.
Annual Meeting Prizes
Carole Lorraine Kruse
Lauren S Heyano
Linda Marie Brown
Jeffrey L Elbie Jr.
Mary Marie Olympic
Grace E Pavian
Rebecca J Sedor
Larry N Thompson Jr.
Robert L Geerhart III
Blunka Wassilliey Jr.
Annette S Active
John W J Roehl
Dylan Paton
Webcast Viewer Prizes
Rona Halford
Jerry Yagie
Sarah Catalone
Josephine Lau