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Welcome to the Shareholder Information Section. Bristol Bay Native Corporation looks to the well-being and business interests of its shareholders. Beyond the corporate responsibility to make a profit, BBNC is also committed to improving communications with its shareholders and keeping them better informed. This section allows BBNC staff to provide information to shareholders such as updates on BBNC activities, notification of events, answers to frequently asked questions, and news from villages and other regional entities.
Frequently Asked Questions  

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the next dividend going out?

BBNC dividends are issued on the first Friday of March, June, September and December.


How do I notify BBNC of an address change?

Shareholders must notify BBNC in writing of a change of address using the Shareholder Change of Address Form. Shareholders may also submit a written notification that includes the date, the shareholder's name, current address, social security number and signature to:

Attn: Shareholder Records
111 West Avenue, Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99501

or by faxing it to (907) 276-3924.


How do I notify BBNC of a name change?

A shareholder who has a legal name change should submit an Affidavit of Name Change or a copy of the legal document authorizing the change (a marriage certificate, a divorce decree restoring former name, an adoption decree, etc.) to:

Attn: Shareholder Records
111 West Avenue, Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99501

or fax it to (907) 276-3924.


How do I become a BBNC shareholder? How can my child, grandchild or other relation become a shareholder?

Native corporation stock cannot be sold and enrollment to the corporation closed in the 1970s. Today, the only way to become a shareholder is to receive stock through inheritance or as a gift from a BBNC shareholder.

Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Amendments of 1987, shareholders may make a gift of shares to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews; or, if the shareholder is 18 or older, to sisters or brothers. This includes legally adopted children, provided the adoption occurred before those children were 18 and you can provide documentation. No husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, cousins or in-laws can receive a gift of shares under the Amendments. Not included are stepchildren, stepchildren of your children or grandchildren and stepbrothers and stepsisters who have not been legally adopted.

The gifting forms with complete instructions and required documents are available on this website under Shareholder Forms, Gift of Stock, or by contacting Shareholder Records at (907) 278-3602 in Anchorage or toll free at (800) 426-3602.


Does BBNC offer medical and dental assistance?

No. BBNC shareholders who live within the Cook Inlet region are eligible for services offered by Southcentral Foundation at the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center and by the Alaska Native Medical Center. Alaska Natives living elsewhere in Alaska or the Lower 48 states are eligible for services provided by the Indian Health Service and local tribal providers. For shareholders living in the Lower 48 states, the Alaska Native Resource Advocate Program operates out of Washington state and connects clients to health, social, education and legal resources. Their staff will also help fill out forms and serve as an advocate and liaison between clients and agencies. For assistance in identifying available services near you, please contact:

Roberta Hallam, Program Coordinator
Alaska Native Health Resource Advocate Program
PO Box 2045
Milton, Washington 98354-2045
phone (541) 997-5778 / toll-free (866) 575-6757
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does BBNC help with burial expenses?

The BBNC Board created a Memorial Donation Fund for BBNC shareholders. BBNC will make a payment of up to $1,250 as a result of the death of a shareholder. To download a Memorial Donation Fund form click here. Contact the BBNC office at (907) 278-3602 or (800) 426-3602 for more information.

Burial assistance may be available through other agencies. Alaska Natives living within the Municipality of Anchorage may apply for burial assistance by calling the General Assistance Program at Cook Inlet Tribal Council at (907) 793-3600.

Shareholders living in Alaska, outside the Anchorage municipality, should contact the Bristol Bay Native Association burial assistance program in Dillingham, Alaska, at (800) 478-5257 or the Bureau of Indian Affairs Social Services in Juneau, Alaska, toll free at (800) 645-8397 You must be an Alaska resident with at least 1/4 Alaska Native blood quantum. Benefit is based on need.


How do I obtain a Certificate of Indian Blood?

To obtain a Certificate of Indian Blood, contact:

Bureau of Indian Affairs
3601 C Street, Suite 1100
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
phone (907) 271-4084 / toll free at (800) 645-8465 or fax (907) 271-4090.

Alaska Native corporation shareholders may request their enrollment number and their corporation be included on the certificate. Alaska Native children and persons not on the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) rolls may also request a CIB, however, a copy of a birth certificate must accompany the request.


Can I sell my shares?

The shares of Bristol Bay Native Corporation have no market value. These shares cannot be sold to anyone, based on the ANCSA amendments passed by Congress in 1988. Shareholders would have to vote to approve an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to remove the restrictions on the sale of stock.


Does BBNC provide shareholder business loans?

BBNC does not provide business loans; however, the following resources may provide useful information.

Alaska Growth Capitol
Small Business Administration
Small Business Startup Guide
IRS Small Business & Self Employed Site
Native American Bank