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Other Projects

The BBNC Land Department has also initiated the following special projects related to the needs and interests of shareholders:

Bristol Bay Online!

The Bristol Bay Online! project, an online interactive webmap of the Bristol Bay region, was developed in coordination with BBNC subsidiary Bristol Environmental & Engineering Services Corporation as a pilot project, with major funding later provided by the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Lake & Peninsula Borough, Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Denali Commission Alaska, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, the Alaska Department Of Transportation & Public Facilities, Division of Governmental Coordination, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the communities of the borough and the region, as well as BBNC.

Bristol Bay Native Place Names

The Bristol Bay Native Place Names project website is a feature of Bristol Bay Online! that enables users to view and print maps that depict Native Place Names and view supporting information for hundreds of place names gleaned from published resources and contributed by Bristol Bay area community members. Users can also add Native Place Name information to the database and suggest edits and corrections to existing information. The site uses a combination of Internet and Geographic Information System technology (Web-GIS)--a method of graphically illustrating large data sets through digital maps, images, and data tables.Initial funding was provided by BBNC through the CAMPTEX project, as part of the company's corporate mission to celebrate and preserve Native Heritage.

BBNC Education Foundation / BBNC Land Department Cultural Heritage Project Application


PebbleWatch logo

Pebble Watch is an impartial, educational and fact-based initiative started by the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Land Department to disseminate information about the proposed Pebble Mine to BBNC shareholders and other interested parties.Although the Pebble deposit is not on land owned or controlled by BBNC, our shareholders have expressed significant interest in this project and its possible effects on Bristol Bay area land and resources. The Pebble Watch team, made up of scientists and science communicators, shares information about permitting issues, scientific studies and Pebble-related events or resources by way of a website and a bimonthly newsletter mailed to BBNC shareholder families. For more information, visit the Pebble Watch website at www.pebblewatch.com, or contact the Land Department to be added to the mailing list.

Sand Rock Gravel Website

BBNC Land Department has created a new tool to educate and market the sale of sand, gravel, and rock. We have generated a one-stop shop website for the use of contractors, village corporations, and interested parties to view specific information of material sources. The website supplies general information, maps, technical specifications, photos, and other pertinent data that is site specific for a given material source in the BBNC region. The data served on this site should streamline the bidding process for contractors looking to buy sand, gravel, and/or rock.